Security labels, special film to prevent tampering A4, 63,5 x 29,6 mm, extremely strong adhesion
Ref. no.
675 labels / 25 sheets

Security labels, special film to prevent tampering A4, 63,5 x 29,6 mm, extremely strong adhesion

Ref. no.
675 labels / 25 sheets
  • Visible residue left behind after removal protects against tampering. Label cannot be reapplied.
  • Guaranteed seal: perfect for sealing products, devices/appliances, documents
  • Suitable for laser printers and copiers – not for colour laser printers or inkjet printers

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Security labels made of special white film with safety adhesive, on A4 sheets, self-adhesive. Ideal for sealing data storage media, devices/appliances, documents. For labelling original products, for use as a test badge or as a guarantee and maintenance seal. No manipulation attempt goes unnoticed: residue is visible if removed, cannot be transferred to other objects. Tear-resistant, oil and dirt repellent, temperature-resistant, not suitable for use outdoors. Minimum adhesion time: 30 min. Unsuitable for materials that split easily (e.g. paper, cardboard etc.) and synthetic materials containing plasticizer. Testing recommended for substrates with poor adhesion (e.g. polypropylene). Trouble-free processing thanks to all-round protective edge and optimum flatness. For laser printers and copiers. Not suitable for inkjet printers, colour laser printers or colour copiers. Free software solutions:


Ref. no. 4233
Format 63,5 x 29,6 mm
Content 675 labels / 25 sheets
Colour white
Printer type Laser, Copy s/w
Adhesive characteristics extra strong adhesion
Shape of corners rounded
Material film, matt
Environment solvent-free adhesive
Suitable for Security/sealing
EAN 4008705042338
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