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Product details

  • Self-adhesive decorative stickers made of special materials. For collection or for designing of presents, letters, or other things.

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Other variants

Motif Features Sheets/Pack Item name

Felt 1 SheetsStickers ice crystals, white felt
american native chil stone 1 SheetsStickers Native American children, stone
Animals faces Stone 1 SheetsStickers animal faces, stone
Award Stickers Glittery 2 SheetsStickers award stickers, glittery
Ballerina crystal 1 SheetsStickers ballerinas, crystal
bee Willy popup 1 SheetsStickers bee Willy, popup
Birthday party Foil + Foam 1 SheetsStickers birthday party, prismatic foil
bow 3D wings 1 SheetsStickers bows, 3D ends
Butterflies Stone 1 SheetsStickers butterflies, stone
Butterflies fly Foil 1 SheetsStickers butterflies, film