Product details

  • Self-adhesive decorative stickers made of special materials, with animal motifs. For collection or for designing of presents, letters or other things.

Other variants

Motif Features Sheets/Pack Item name
animal birthaday cardboard 1 SheetsMAGIC stickers animal birthaday cardboard 1 sheet
Animal in the forest Moving eyes 1 SheetsSticker MAGIC Animals in the forest, Moving eyes
Animal photos cats Lackpuffy 1 SheetsMAGIC decorative labels Animal photos cats, Lackpuffy 1she
Animal photos horses Lackpuffy 1 SheetsMAGIC decorative labels Animal photos horses, Lackpuffy 1she
Animals of Africa Prismaticfoil 1 SheetsSticker MAGIC Animals of Africa, Prismaticfoil
Animals on wheels, Puffy moving-eyes 1 SheetsMAGIC decorative labels animals on wheels, moving-eyes 1 she
aquatic animals 3D Foil 1 SheetsMAGIC decorative stickers aquatic animals, 3D Foil
Arrogant owls glitter foil / stone 1 SheetsSticker MAGIC Arrogant owls, glitter foil/stones
Australian Animal F. Puffy 1 SheetsMAGIC Australian Animal Families, Puffy
Baby and Mummy Dinos 3D film 1 SheetsMAGIC Baby and Mummy Dinos, 3D Foil