Product details

  • Self-adhesive decorative stickers made of special materials, with animal motifs. For collection or for designing of presents, letters or other things.

Other variants

Motif Features Sheets/Pack Item name
butterflies Stone 1 SheetsDecorative labels MAGIC butterflies, stone 1 sh.
Butterflies Quilling 1 SheetsDecorative labels MAGIC butterflies Quilling 1sh.
Butterflies Puffy 1 SheetsMAGIC stickers Butterflies, Puffy 1 sheet
butterflies jewel 1 SheetsDecorative stickers MAGIC Butterflies, Jewel 1 Sheet
butterflies glittery 1 SheetsDecorative label MAGIC butterflies, glittery 1 sheet
butterflies fabric 1 SheetsMAGIC stickers butterflies fabric 1 sheet
butterflies diamond glittery 1 SheetsDecorative stickers MAGIC butterflies diamond glittery 1 she
Butterflies Crystal 1 SheetsDecorative labels MAGIC butterflies crystal 1 sh.
Butterflies 3D wings 1 SheetsMAGIC Butterflies, 3D wings
Butterflies 3D wing 1 SheetsMAGIC Butterflies, 3D Wing