HERMA labels made of recycled paper: the ideal solution for everyone who values quality and the environment

Ideal for the environment.
Eco-friendly in two ways: Label paper and backing
material are made exclusively from recycled paper.
Awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel.

Ideal for users.
High brightness. Reliable adhesion on all surfaces.
Solvent-free adhesives. Top-quality printing results –
suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers.

Compared with labels made from virgin fibre paper …

… producing 500 sheets saves 15kg of wood. Instead, 5.6kg of recovered paper is recycled.

… 500 sheets of labels made of recycled paper prevent an equivalent amount of CO2 from being produced as a car emits on a journey of 5km (based on average fuel consumption).

… 500 sheets of labels made of recycled paper save the equivalent of one bathtub of water (around 160l).

Ecofriendly twice over
Both the labels and the backing paper
are made from 100% recycled paper.
Awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel,
the leading ecolabel that signifies excellent environmental
and quality standards.
No harmful chemicals are used
to produce the paper or print the
rear side. No use of chlorine bleach or
whitening agents.
Solvent-free adhesives.
Labels are 100% recyclable,
dispose of as for waste paper.
Packaging made from recycled cardboard.
Protects the labels from indoor climate influences. Recyclable.