HERMA Online Flip Catalogues

Intuitive and so convenient

Simply flip through the new HERMA catalogues with the greatest of ease. To select products easy-to-use tools are available, such as a search by reference, a zoom function and a navigation bar.

A4 Labels for PC printers & copiers

You will find the ideal labelling solution for virtually any application here – for addressing, identification, filing or lettering. Numerous materials in all kinds of colours, shapes and formats.

Labels for office, production and logistics

A wide variety of applications for marking systematically. Whether for secretaries, shipping professionals or production managers - HERMA labels increase efficiency and create free space.

School 2017

Add a splash of colour to your school environment! The ideal combination of fun and functionality. In a free interpretation of its motto of “making school a colourful place!” HERMA has developed new designs with loving care, commitment and creativity.

Decorating 2017

You will find a huge choice of designs, fun materials and the sticker albums to go with them here. Seasonal highlights, carefully designed product lines for school, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, household use and much more besides.

Gluing & Archiving 2017

HERMA mounting aids let you give free reign to your creativity. These archiving systems provide an ideal, sure and personalised way of sorting photos, negatives and documents.

Christmas 2017

Bring the season’s first snowflakes or stars into your home. These charming stickers can be combined in all kinds of ways. Lovely stickers sparkle all over – perfect for Christmas decorations.

Fashion Line 2017

Flashy, decorative tattoos of all kinds! That´s FashionLine