Free design templates for downloading

Do you want to create colourful and creative designs for labelling, organising and decorating? The new HERMA design templates allow you to make real eye-catchers in seconds. Whether it’s for your kitchen or basement, workroom or hobby room, children’s room or garage, you’ll find perfectly fitting design templates that you can download for Microsoft Word and Open Office. To get brief instructions and information on processing, click here.

Design templates for universal labels

HERMA universal labels are perfect for labelling, organising and decorating, whether it’s gifts, homemade jam or personalised address labels.

Design templates for file spine labels

Put an end to the monotony in your filing system. Custom-printed file spine labels not only look better, they pep up your used files. And with several templates you can line up the labels to make attractive designs.

Design templates for removal labels

For easy removals. The ideal solution for removals: Select a template, print out your HERMA labels, tick, stick – done! Your boxes will get to the right place quickly and easily.

Design templates for household labels

For labelling frozen food, supplies and preserves, organising your household and identifying your property: With HERMA design templates you can label anything you want.

Brief instructions

  • 1. Select a template.

    "Just click on Download and save the template to your hard disk. Then double-click on the file to open the template.

    Save the template in a special folder so that you can find it again quickly."

  • 2. Design your label

    "Now you can design and modify your label according to your wishes.
    Set the view in MS Word to “Print Layout” so that you can see the format settings and page margins. This setting is in the “View” menu. Click on “Print Layout”.

    If the template is displayed as a blank page, it’s probably because the gridlines are not visible. Open the “Table” menu and click on “Show Gridlines”. The gridlines should now be visible in the template.

    Word 2007:
    Select the “Design” tab, click on “Borders” and select “View Gridlines”. The gridlines should now be visible in the template."

  • 3. Saving and printing

    "Save the changed document with a new name and print it out.

    As a check, first print the document on a sheet of paper to see if you get the intended results."

  • 4. Processing information

    • Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations (for example, on whether to use the sheet feeder or multipurpose tray).
    • Use each label sheet only once. Sheets with missing labels can cause paper jams if sent through a second time.
    • If you use only part of the contents of a package, put the remainder back in. Ideal storage: room temperature (approx. 20°C) and 50% relative humidity. Avoid extreme climate fluctuations.
    • For inkjet printers and laser printers select “labels”, “thick paper”, “heavy materials” or a similar setting in the printer driver or on the printer panel.

HERMA does not accept any liability in connection with the functionality, completeness or downloadability of the free templates.