HERMA round labels

In good shape – with HERMA: eye-catching, unusual.

Labels in special shapes send out a special message – the shape alone adds value to the content. Ideal as advertising labels and for picking out new or special information on packaging. They also make great corporate labels on sales articles and gift packs. All special-shape labels have Movables® technology – they peel off any surface without leaving residue.


Colour dot labels in many different colours and sizes are practical aids for organizing, labelling, scheduling and planning. For example for holiday planning, for marking of important dates and maps, for colourcoding of all kind.

All HERMA round labels can be printed quickly and easily with our free label software.

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				<p style=Labels A4 199,6x143,5 mm white paper glossy 50 pcs.

order number:4915
format:..199,6x143,5 mm..
sheets/pack: 25
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				<p style=Inkjet CD labels A4 Ø 116 mm white paper glossy 20 pcs.

order number:8900
format:..Ø 116 mm..
sheets/pack: 10
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				<p style=Labels A4 96x139,7 mm white paper glossy 100 pcs.

order number:4908
format:..96x139,7 mm..
sheets/pack: 25
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