Security labels A4 45,7x21,2 mm white extra strong adhesion film matt 1200 pcs.

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Product details

  • Security labels made of special white film with safety adhesive, on A4 sheets, self-adhesive
  • Ideal for sealing data storage media, devices/appliances, documents
  • For labelling original products, for use as a test badge or as a guarantee and maintenance seal
  • No manipulation attempt goes unnoticed: residue is visible if removed, cannot be transferred to other objects
  • Tear resistant, oil and dirt repellent, temperature resistant, not suitable for use outdoors
  • Minimum adhesion time: 30 min
  • Unsuitable for materials that split easily (e.g. paper, cardboard etc.) and synthetic materials containing plasticizer
  • Testing recommended for substrates with poor adhesion (e.g. polypropylene)
  • Trouble-free processing thanks to all-round protective edge and optimum flatness
  • For laser printers and copiers
  • Not suitable for inkjet printers, colour laser printers or colour copiers
  • Free software solutions

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