Multi-purpose labels 16x22 mm white Movables/removable paper matt 1344 pcs.

Product details

  • Self-adhesive multi-purpose labels made of high-quality writing paper
  • Labelling and lettering - extremely easy, reliable and flexible
  • Due to the "Free-to-move®" coating HERMA Movables® adhere reliably to all flat, dry, undamaged and dust-free surfaces
  • They can be removed without leaving a residue and without damaging the subsurface and can also be repositioned and reapplied many times
  • These products are idealfor flexible lettering and where labels are applied temporarily or changed, and also where damage to surfaces should be avoided
  • Environmentally friendly: FSC® Mix Credit certified, chlorine-free bleached, solvent-free adhesive
  • For labelling with any writing item