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  • Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets
  • With Movables® technology: reliable adhesion to all smooth, dry, undamaged and dust-free surfaces, residue-free removal without damaging the subsurface, problem-free repositioning, adhere again several times
  • Ideal for short-term labelling and for surfaces that must be protected from damage
  • Excellent printing results on all laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers, colour laser printers and colour copiers
  • Trouble-free processing thanks to all-round protective edge and optimum flatness
  • Special high-quality paper, chlorine-free bleached, solvent-free adhesive
  • Labels are 100% recyclable, dispose of as for waste paper, packaging made from recycled cardboard
  • Free software solutions

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Other variants

Format (mm) Colour Feature Labels/pack Item name
210 x 297 mm white for signs 100 pcs.Labels white Movables/removable 210x297 A4 100 pcs.
ø 25 mm white removable/Movables 768 pcsMulti-purpose labels Ø 25 mm Movables/removable white 768 pcs.
10 x 16 mm white removable/Movables 2592 pcsMulti-purpose labels 10x16 mm Movables/removable white 2592 pcs.
105 x 148 mm white removable/Movables 100 pcs.Labels white Movables/removable 105x148 mm A4 100 pcs.
105 x 42,3 mm white removable/Movables 350 pcs.Labels white Movables/removable 105x42,3 A4 350 pcs.
12 x 18 mm white removable/Movables 1792 pcsMulti-purpose labels 12x18 mm Movables/removable white 1792 pcs.
12 x 30 mm white removable/Movables 1120 pcsMulti-purpose labels 12x30 mm Movables/removable white 1120 pcs.
13 x 40 mm white removable/Movables 896 pcsMulti-purpose labels 13x40 mm Movables/removable white 896 pcs.
13 x 50 mm white removable/Movables 672 pcsMulti-purpose labels 13x50 mm Movables/removable white 672 pcs.
16 x 22 mm white removable/Movables 1344 pcsMulti-purpose labels 16x22 mm Movables/removable white 1344 pcs.