HERMA self-adhesive labels for signs

Conspicuously robust or individual for indoor use.

Whether information or warning signs, signposts, adhesive signs for
display windows or identification labels in warehousing and production facilities, you can custom-design them on your PC and print them out cost-effectively. They adhere securely and reliably, even to critical surfaces.

Removable signs using Movables® technology are the ideal solution for short-term notices or fragile surfaces. They adhere to any surface, peel off without leaving residue and adhere again several times. Ideal as house or office-moving labels, signs for meeting rooms, on doors or lifts, for conferences and events or promotions.

These warning labels adhere twice as strongly as conventional paper labels. Perfect for work instructions, contents lists in cabinets, inscriptions on medical cabinets and many other uses.

Signs in luminous colours are ideal for information notices, warnings and promotions.

Use our free label software to print HERMA self-adhesive labels for signs quickly and easily.

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				<p style=Suspension file labels A4 34x297 mm white paper matt opaque 125 pcs.

order number:5165
format:..34x297 mm..
sheets/pack: 25
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				<p style=Suspension file labels A4 63x297 mm white paper matt opaque 75 pcs.

order number:5167
format:..63x297 mm..
sheets/pack: 25
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